Shopping tips for K-beauty in Seoul: Sigi Skin’s founder on discounts, spotting fakes, getting hottest products

CNA Lifestyle finds out what’s in Xenia Wong’s shopping cart, from big brands to independent labels.

Despite flying the +65 flag high, Singaporean beauty label Sigi Skin’s products are formulated and produced in Seoul, South Korea, according to founder Xenia Wong.

She is also an expert in K-beauty herself. “Korea is the hub for all things beauty. The latest trends and innovations are from Korea, which means their technology is the latest. As a Singaporean brand, we also value the fact that they produce products that work well on Asian skin,” said Wong.

The entrepreneur has been to Korea seven times since the borders reopened in 2021. “I was in Seoul in February to finalize the launch of our next big product, the Daylight Oasis Vitamin C serum, which will hit shelves in April,” she revealed.

It took nearly three years to perfect because of its high concentration of L-Ascorbic acid (also known as the king of Vitamin C). The bottle is custom-made to ensure its efficacy.”

When in Seoul, Wong rubs shoulders with celebrated makeup artist Pony (who by the way loves Sigi Skin’s Youth Beam and Morning Glow Physical Sunscreen) and works alongside Korean beauty formulators – they let her in on a beauty secret, that double cleansing doesn’t necessarily begin with cleansing oil.

“This narrative is being used to sell more products. A Korean consumer survey revealed that Koreans prefer cleansing foam to cleansing oil,” Wong told CNA Lifestyle.

Double cleansing doesn’t have to be hard; all you need is a light cleanser like Sigi Skin’s Kaleanser. This one is gentle enough to use around the eyes, making it perfect for those with eyelash extensions who can’t use cleansing oils. What would a work trip to Seoul be without taking the time to do some K-beauty shopping and indulging in other beauty ‘research’? The self-confessed beauty junkie insists that she makes time for these little luxuries no matter how busy her schedule.


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