In the belief that her wedding was sponsored, Zoe Tay’s guests gave her a red packet worth S$20

Singapore wedding banquets aren’t cheap.

It ultimately boils down to how grand of an event a couple wants, and how they would like to celebrate the occasion.

In the latest episode of The Zoe And Liang Show, Zoe Tay, Guo Liang, YES 933 DJ Zhu Ze Liang and Seow Sin Nee discussed that topic.

There is a lot of “negotiation” that takes place between the couple during the wedding process, which is why Ah Jie thinks it is important to have a wedding banquet. The event is important because it helps couples understand one another’s needs better and “upgrades” their relationship.

Even if it’s a small wedding, Seow thinks it’s important to hold a wedding banquet that reflects the desires of the bride and groom.

“If [I] have a wedding, it will be small and I will only invite my closest friends and relatives,” Zhu said. “If there is a wedding, it will be small and I will only invite my closest friends and family.”

“If you can avoid having a wedding at all, you should,” said Guo Liang. He believes you don’t need a wedding ceremony to experience the things Tay mentioned.

You can also commemorate an occasion by having a tea ceremony, or by inviting a few friends over for a gathering, for example. “The most important thing on that day should simply be the newlyweds,” he added. Zhu noted that some men agree to weddings for the sake of satisfying their partners’ needs, but they also enjoy seeing the bride and groom “dolled up beautifully” on the big day.

The bride is always the most beautiful person on her wedding day, regardless of whether she is a regular person or a celebrity. No one can overshadow her.”

Despite Ah Jie’s inability to pinpoint exactly why a bride always looks better on her wedding day, Guo Liang had a more logical explanation.

Guests are being intentionally lowkey, so it’s not weird at all! If you go overboard dressed up at someone else’s wedding, someone is bound to tell you off, because you’re obviously trying to steal the bride’s limelight, and it’s very rude,” he explained. We discussed whether couples can profit from a banquet if they throw one.

The first thing Seow shared was that her professor once told her that arranging a wedding well could make it “profitable”. Having once read that couples can earn money if they do their sums right, Zhu agreed. He said, “But first, you need to invite the right people.”

According to the radio presenter, instead of inviting “any friend”, one should invite “people with background” or “their bosses.”

I invited close colleagues and friends to my wedding,” Tay said.

Seow asked how much Tay had “profited” from her 2001 marriage to RSAF pilot Philip Chionh.


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