9 reliable pet hotels in Singapore for pawrents going on vacation


It can be difficult to say no to puppy eyes, but these pet boarding vacations can help you leave and enjoy your overseas vacation without any worries.

Pet owners may not agree, but the pandemic was a blessing in disguise.

Every time they popped their heads into our Zoom meetings, a chorus of shrieks and squeals followed. The dogs enjoyed an unprecedented amount of playtime, cuddles and treats from their home-based humans. We had a good life until our suitcases appeared for the first time in two years.

We desperately need a holiday, but leaving your pet behind is a universal struggle, whether you have a stoic guinea pig or an anxious puppy who whines whenever you, god forbid, take a shower. We’ve rounded up nine reliable pet hotels in Singapore with a Google review rating of at least 4.8 stars to offer you an alternative.


Breakfast At Fluffy’s in Joo Chiat offers cage-free luxury for pets, with 24/7 air conditioning and webcam viewing starting from S$65 a night.

A guest must pass the hotel’s suitability test to check in, and all guests receive two daily walks and a weekly shower. A pre-arranged swim session is also a nice surprise. At bedtime, dogs are separated by gender, temperament, and size, but wardens are also on-site around the clock in case your pup needs any cajoling.


If your dog isn’t known for being sociable, Battlestar Boarding in Sembawang has eight marble-tiled kennels and a free-roaming space to suit his moods throughout the day. The hotel claims that dogs are reluctant to leave. On Google reviews, their owners seem to agree.

At least two daily walks, two meals, accident insurance coverage, and 24-hour webcam viewing are included in Battlestar Boarding’s $65 nightly rate. If you are scrambling for pet hotels at the last minute, there is no pre-boarding assessment required.


Founded by the ubiquitous Pet Lovers Centre, Pampered Pets has more than a decade of experience with multiple breeds and offers pet relocation, transport, and dog boarding services.

From S$100 a night, their facility in The Star Vista offers junior and premium suites, as well as a “camp boarding” option for guests who prefer to hang out with dogs from the daycare arm in a communal area. In addition to supervised daycare and 24-hour webcam access, boarding fees include five walks per day, a nice bath, and a surprise gift if guests stay during their birthday month.

The fourth book is MUTTS AND MITTENS (4.9 STARS, 160 REVIEWS).

A home away from home for your pet is Mutts and Mittens, with spacious rooms, elevated beds, and adjustable feeding bowls. Their glowing reviews over the past two decades speak for themselves.

They have air-conditioned facilities for dogs and cats in Joo Chiat and Sungei Tengah, respectively. They offer 24-hour webcam viewing and daily walks for less than S$60 a night. While pre-assessments have been eliminated, owners must declare behavioural issues beforehand. When booking a pet hotel, you should let the hotel know in advance if your dog suffers from separation anxiety, for example.


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