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Your refresher course on post-pandemic dress codes at events – from smart casual to white tie


The workwear rules in many corporate offices may have relaxed following the pandemic, but what about other situations? What has changed and what remains the same?

From the clothes we wear to work to the outfits we wear for parties and events, the pandemic affected practically every aspect of our lives.

With restrictions now minimal and our social calendars filling up with more events and gatherings – not to mention the upcoming year-end festivities – many of us are bound to be wondering what to wear (a little out of practice, aren’t we all?) or whether we can get away with dressing down a little bit.

It’s safe to say, after a couple of years of working from home in lounge wear or semi-casual looks for Zoom meetings, many of us have gotten accustomed to the dressed-down comfort that staying in provided us with. Dress codes at work have also gotten looser as people return to the office.

As a result of the pandemic, comfort influences how we dress, and it will be difficult for many to relinquish it. Fashion also helps people with their cognitive processing and well-being, according to fashion director and personal stylist Joshua Cheung, so people are dressing more comfortably.

The trend isn’t just for corporate workers – after a period of virtual awards ceremonies, Hollywood celebrities also appear to have adopted a more toned-down style of dressing when on the physical red carpet. Cheung noted that attendees at the Met Gala wore more relaxed clothing and expressed themselves more creatively with their interpretations of the theme in a relaxed manner.


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