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Create your Christmas look: How to turn everyday footwear into party shoes by having fun with socks


All you need are a couple of new pairs of socks. Yes, socks.

As party season approaches, you may be wondering what to wear.

You’ve got a little black dress that will work for every party invite on your desk, but how will you create new looks from it? Should you buy party shoes in every color you can find?

There is a much cheaper and more fun way to do this.

All you need are a few pairs of new socks to transform everyday shoes into party shoes without breaking the bank.

Scroll down for a look and learn session on socks.

Style tip: The simpler the shoe, the simpler the socks should be. You’ve heard this adage before, so take it to heart.

Just because it’s a cocktail party doesn’t mean you can’t wear those beloved loafers. Give them a gleaming polish and funk them up with knee socks. Style tip: This sheer pair slims down the calves, creating the illusion of slender pins while its geometry adds a touch of whimsy.

You can make even the simplest outfit stand out with a splash of colour. Style tip: Play on colour contrasts to achieve maximum impact.

Classic shoes need not be boring, right? Style tip: Make classic styles pop with the brightest or strangest socks you can find. These floral hot pink ones instantly brighten up the black slingbacks while the jewellery sheer socks make it look like you’re wearing ankle jewellery, now give your fashion kicks a leg up. Get your sneakers and socks matchy-matchy for a curated look. How cute is that?


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