Elvin Ng, Jean Danker, Chantalle Ng and other celebrities share their biggest lessons of 2022


Take a cue from these celebrities and challenge yourself in these last few days of the year.

It’s time to reflect on how far you’ve come this year, like Elvin Ng, James Seah, Chantalle Ng and other Singapore celebrities have.

We asked these celebs what their biggest lessons of 2022 were, and one thing seemed to ring true across all their answers: Get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. Maybe it’s because the pandemic has stifled us for a couple of years now. Is it time to add that to your New Year’s resolutions?

My biggest lesson this year has been to let go of control, not set so many rules for myself, and to get out of my head.

I went to New York in June to go back to school and that solo trip taught me that we set too many rules for ourselves in our heads and that we should learn to let go to live more in the moment and freely. By being open, vulnerable, and directly sensitive to the world around us with fewer walls built up, we experience a world that is more vibrant and gracious, where we take ourselves out of the picture.

It’s a happy, rich, rewarding experience in which I can always learn new things about myself, and I’m always trying to be open and spontaneous.

It is becoming increasingly apparent to me as 2022 draws to a close that I have been a hermit the past two years. I have learned that we require physical interaction. We have missed out on chance meetings – silly ideas that come from random conversations. Serendipity has lost its luster. We live in front of screens too much, and we still do. Though restrictions were relaxed months ago, I still find the differences in our lifestyles too noticeable.

All this talk about change – it’s funny because we always want to change for the better but I don’t think I’ve changed much as I’m finding joy in the familiarity of the past. People change us for the better. I see new faces at work, and they bring a whole new energy to what we do. One change I despise, however, is that traffic jams are back.

My other big learning this year is that you can top-up your CashCard via an app. No more need to touch those grubby keypads! Just kidding.


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